Sunday, April 5, 2009


After looking over various blogs for people who have traveled to Spain, I decided that I would begin my own. So far, it looks like I am going through with this. A little about what I am doing: In September, I will leave for Spain. I have no been told where exactly I will be, but it will be in Spain. I will stay with a host family and go to school at a regular Spanish speaking school. This part frightens me, because my spanish is not excellent and I have a hard time comprehending and writing it. The part I am looking forward to is getting to play on a soccer team there.
This is the company I am doing it through, IFX. They will find me a team, and make sure I have a spot on it. Once I go, I must stay there and I cannot come home until mid-June. I know I am going to miss Santa Cruz, but part of me knows that after a month I will become so wrapped up in the culture and my new life I will soon forget this place.
I will try to keep an ongoing blog throughout the year for anyone who wonders what I am up to.

Alright, now for some current news.
I have about 2 months left of school at Monte Vista. I am currenty playing on the Mid-County Orcas. I have played with them for about 5-6 years, and it will be weird leaving them. We are a decent team. Yesterday we had a game and won 2-0.
Thats about it, I'll try to keep this a weekly blog.

I leave you with this song.